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Enjoy Dya Singh's unique 'world music' sound in the group's first live album since 1994. This album - the fifteenth release from Dya Singh - features a raw production of the group's 'live' concert in Adelaide, South Australia. The band goes back to its roots with this release, recording at the same location as Dya Singh's debut live album 'Australian Sikh Rhythm & Soul.' This album features a line-up of nine musical talents and a great selection of Dya Singh's crowd-pleasing favorites. It starts with the  Dheeraj Shrestha’s tabla train journey followed with the  InterFaith Mutichant.

Auckland Sikh Youth Samelan CD features Dya Singh’s famous

Mera Nal Hai shabad. ONLY $10 (or $5 to download from the download page) It was recorded in 2010. A review was done of the cd and can be found at:


Enjoy this compilation of Dya Singh's dawn and dusk prayers. Dya Singh's fourteenth album compiles all Sikh dawn and dusk prayers in one convenient set - featuring two CDs. The dawn prayers are set to modern rhythms and accompanied by western drums and guitar, while the evening prayers are recorded in traditional Sikh styles, with classical 'ragas' and melodies accompanied with harmonium and tabla. This set, featuring Dya Singh's daughters, includes the complete Akal Takhat prescribed Nitnam banis - JapJi, Jaap, Sawaiyay, Rehras (with Chaupayi) and Sohila; Ardaas in Punjabi and English, plus a bonus Sikh lullaby in English.

Dukh Bhanjan Tera Naam - Naam, the dispeller of sorrow
Final mixing was done by Craig Pruess 
- Musical director of Bride & Prejudice!
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Dya Singh has 22 CD’s available. If you do not see the CD you are particularly interested in, please email contact@dyasingh.com and we will endeavour to find you a copy.

Asa Di Var, Double CD - An immaculate collection of soul searching melodies and pulsating compositions by Dya Singh that is sure to resonate in your ears - even long after you've had a heart-fill of it.

We’d like to Thank Quentin Eyers for his ongoing support of Dya Singh’s music. One of Australia’s best recording studio owners, versatile musicians and music producers. The journey to Adelaide each time we are recording is always worthwhile. Q the Music...

This album is only available through download or as part of Nitnem or the flashdrive
This album is only available through download or as part of the Flashdrive
This album is only available through download or as part of the Flashdrive
This album is only available through download or as part of the Flashdrive
This album is only available through download or as part of the Flashdrive

Sacred Chants of the Sikhs is a sound Master piece of spiritual upliftment. Craig Pruess and Dya Singh (and daughter, Parvyn Kaur Singh) have come together with the haunting Bansuri of Ronu Majumdar to create a heavenly depiction of Sikh chants. A must for all Sikhs and lovers of Spirituality.

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This Album has been produced by the generosity of the Sangat. There is no charge for the album, but it does cost to post. You decide how much. All proceeds go towards production of the next album. Please use the paypal donate button or email contact@dyasingh.com for bank account details. Thank you for your ongoing support and generosity.